Reflections and true vision

Spontaneous effects. Reflections on the window but still good sight on the restaurant. I used a 12-24 wide angle lens at 17mm; ISO 100; F/10 and shutter timing 1/200.

Double sighted?

A test. Camera on a tripod; lens 1.4/50mm; F/16; shutter timing 28 sec ; 2*flash; ISO 100 and a running person. Little adjustments to make the picture a bit more clearer and voila. Will try to do this again. Its a lot of fun to get the timing right!


Yes, the backgrounds behind ACTA are assessed to be a threat for either side; supporter and/or opponent. But what dimensions of our lives are really affected?

Closely observe the couple overlooking the ACTA opponents. How they enjoyed their live is registered and carved in marble as an example for generations to come. Will there be an “Anonymous” future in marble to?

Grafitti Vienna

With special thanks to Manual Murel who made this piece of art.

This and more can be found along the Donau Canal in Vienna.