Green city! Lelystad Netherlands

Lelystad, a city that exists (was founded) only some 45 years on land that was regained from the sea. After a fairly wet spring, the start of this summer season makes the city colourful green as the below pictures show. The pictures in this gallery in itself underline the core characteristics of my hometown: Wide views, quietness, public parks & gardens and water.

For most pictures I used my Sony Alpha with a F4.5-5.6, 12-24 mm wide angle lens. Pictures were taken either around 15.00 or 08.00 hours.

Graffiti Vienna; The whole series.

This is the whole series of pictures I made  in February 2012 along the Donau-canal in Vienna, near Schwedenplatz. I used my Sony-Alpha 580 with the Sony 3.5-6.3 / 18-250 mm telelens. I have to pay credits to the artists who “created” this graffiti. Some have signed their piece of art with a web-address where you can find more of their productions.

Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Below some pictures, worth sharing, taken during two short visits to Nakuru National Park Kenya in December 2007 an February 2009. Camera’s used are Panasonic Lumix FZ8 and Sony DSLR 350.

El Comandante!

She is also called beloved Mother (in Law). Enjoying one of the first real sunny days in our back-yard. I used for both pics my zoom lens  4.5-6.3 / 50-500mm at 500 mm and F 10.0.

Cumulus over Lelystad (Netherlands)

General view over Outlet Shopping Centre Bataviastad covered by Cumulus Clouds. As this and all other pic’s, I used a 12-24 wide-angle lens at 12 mm.

Pirate binocular view of the copy of the merchant sailing vessel Batavia, docked at the Batavia Yard.  

IJsselmeer(dijk) over clouded by cumulus clouds.